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Commercial Partnerships

Our Commercial Partnerships strategy compliments the inline retail mix and gives brands the chance to sell in the heart of the shopping Centre. Pop-up stores offer flexible retail space that enable both startups and multiples to showcase new ideas and attract passing customers by creating a strong line of sight in to stores.

Our Brand Partnerships strategy offers a range of truly multi-channel, multimedia solutions.  From brand experience and advertising opportunities to total brand immersion, the platforms we create enable you to interact with millions of customers throughout the retail journey – online, at home, in the shopping Centre and immediately prior to purchase.

Mall Retailing

Our Specialty Leasing program has many benefits which enables short term license agreements and more. Pop Retail will work with you on plans for new or existing stands to showcase your products. For further information including cost, availability and bookings, contact:

Pop Retail

07960 051 815

Advertising and Brand Partnerships

For all online advertising, local and national brand partnership across the Landsec portfolio enquiries please contact:

Erica Diamond
Advertising and Brand Partnerships Manager

Mob:+44 (0)78 4131 5504

Promotions and Brand Experience

Our promotional spaces allow you to engage with high volumes of consumers in the retail environment. To find out how you can bring your brand to life, contact:

0845 241 8215

Pop Up Retail

Appear Here, the leading online marketplace for flexible retail space, offers pop-up stores starting  at one week in duration.

Find space at or get in touch: / 02030962180

Advertising Opportunities

020 3793 2820

01202 708 884

Lift Door Advertising

For lift space advertisements please contact Limited Space:

Henry Chan
01202 708 884

Filming Opportunities

Our Centre and any of the vacant retail units are available for filming and photography. For more details, please contact The Collective, who handle all enquiries related to film and photography at the Centre.

The Collective
Connie Henderson
Senior Commercial Location Account Manager
020 3773 3709