Mindfulness classes at the O2 Centre

Mindfulness Classes at the O2 Centre, FInchley Road.

Learning Mindfulness is a bit like training a puppy: You need to be firm, patient, kind and you may need to attend classes! But the rewards can last you a lifetime.

The next 8-Week Class will be starting on Wednesday, 18 April until 8 June. Class time: 7-8.30pm

Location: The O2 Centre, Finchley Road.


Mindfulness is...

Observing your life as it is happening.

Accepting your current situation without judgement or struggle.

Allowing feelings to exist without letting them drive your actions.

Taking action based on what you feel in your heart rather than old habits or short term convenience.

Join us in the practice of mindfulness today: www.mindfulnessandmountains.co.uk