Exam season survival kit

Get revising for those all-important exams in style with our pick of the most useful (and fun!) stationery must-haves. You can do this!

1. Get organised with this super-cute set of plastic wallets for all of your revision notes and books. The designs are inspired by Japan’s ‘kawaii’ culture (which means cute in Japanese).

Set of 3 Kawaii Kool popper document wallets, £6, Paperchase.


2. Exam timetable, revision notes, motivational quotes… we bet you’re surrounded by all of this and more in the lead-up to your GCSEs or A-levels. Use this stylish notice board to display all of your important exam prep.

Notice board, £15, Sainsbury’s Home.

3. Struggling to get organised? All you need is this set of sticky notes! Keep on top of all your revision with this inspirational set of sticky notes.

Spots sticky notes book, £8, Paperchase.


4. With all that cramming, you might be feeling a little tired. Treat yourself to a tea break and re-energise with this super-cool mug, perfect for a study break.

Power Up mug, £12, Oliver Bonas.


5. Use these pencils from lifestyle blogger Zoella to make all of your studying a bit more fun! Each one is inscribed with a quote, so if you need a little revision motivation, you need look no further than your hand!

Write On Point pencils, £5.99, Zoella Lifestyle Range at Waterstones.


6. Who says revising for your exams has to be boring? Jot down all your notes in this bright and colourful notepad.

Parrot notebook, £2, Flying Tiger Copenhagen.